5 Ways To Reconnect With Mother Nature

August 05, 2018

5 Ways To Reconnect With Mother Nature

When we were children, the connection to Mother Nature was simple and natural. Like most children, when I was a little girl I loved being in nature. I remember that I always felt connected to this deep, inherent understanding that nature and I were one in the same.

As we grew, the connection grew weaker. The time for playing outside was replaced by shopping trips' And instead of running after the rainbow we started running after our career and after the money.

If you often find yourself busy, perhaps you can relate — rushing around from one thing to the next and spending what little spare moments you have with your smartphone in hand- you are not alone. This is the norm in today’s modern world and if you ask me, it’s a serious problem.

I believe that re-establishing a connection with Mother Nature is so crucial.

Nature will quiet your mind, open your heart and invite ease into your body. You’ll feel the living connection with life all around you, giving you the capacity to open up to something that's much bigger than yourself. Through nature you’ll transform, awaken and heal, and even get a boost in creativity, health and quality of life.

Here are five simple ways to connect every day to Mother Nature:

1. Wake up with nature.

Upon waking, open your window and stand in front of it. Look outside and take in all the beauty of nature. Breathe in the colors, shapes, textures and sounds. Notice the color of the sky, the shapes of the clouds and the sounds of the birds. Allow the natural world to ground you into the here and now.

2. Play in the dirt.

Tend to a veggie patch or an herb garden, play in the sand or make mud pies with little ones. Just as sinking your bare feet into the earth will ground you, so will digging into it with your hands.

3. Bring nature indoors.

Buy some houseplants, keep a jar of fresh flowers, put a crystal on your desk, place a jar full of seashells and sand in your living room, or start a pinecone collection.

4. Make contact with the earth.

Go outside, take off your shoes and socks and sink your bare feet into the grass. If there's snow or ice on the ground, then find a tree and place your palm on the trunk. You can even give it a big tree-hug if you’re feeling the love; just lean in and wrap your arms around it.

5. Kiss the earth with your feet.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet” (Thich Nhat Hanh). The next time you walk out your front door, feel your feet connecting with the earth, step by step.

As you can see, connecting to nature doesn’t mean you have to climb The Himalayas, although I do recommend peaceful outdoor walks and hikes as often as possible. Let nature be where you find it and where it’s the easiest for you to access. Get outside, channel your inner child and start your re connection with nature now!




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