Festivals with Spirit!

December 07, 2017

Festivals with Spirit!


There are many music festivals around the world that carry their own sense of spirit, their own unique design and their own style of art form. Just because a festival is hosting a number of international music artists, it doesn't mean that visual arts don’t play a big part as well. Here are some of the most amazing international music festivals that are known for the joy they bring in sound and dance as well as the visual designs that they employ throughout the event too:

Coachella: Coachella is one of the world's most well written out music festivals and it regularly draws capacity of over 99,000 at concerts every year. Major acts including LCD sound system, Guns N roses, Major Laser and more dissent on California every year and guests go to enjoy a stunning visual atmosphere with musicians, famous actors and art pieces throughout the festival.

The fun begins the moment you set out. Get into the car seat cover collection and see how each trip can be made more colorful: 


Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland is one gigantic art piece is one of the most recognizable electronic dance festivals in the entire world.  Hundreds of DJs make their way to the lineup that tomorrowland and the stage itself is a work of art resembling a large scale fantasy castle.

Bestival: Bestival in the UK is a place for anyone to act like a kid and experience the wonders of art and music across the festival grounds. Taking place in Dorset Bestival is a giant festival with wonderful art pieces, elaborate costumes and a huge party.

The most fun dressed in colorful design and become part of the colorfulness of the festival:


Burning man: Burning man is a one-of-a-kind special festival that isn't necessarily about music. Although large-scale producers like Deamau5 and Tyco make their way to this festival regularly to play DJ sets, the goal of this festival is to create a community. With amazing art pieces, insane costumes and a beautiful sense of community this desert paradise is a true festival spirit.

Magnetic fields: every year a 17th century Rajasthan Palace is completely transformed in the city of Rajasthan India. The lineup features mostly international electronic music and the art and projection features on the temple are an unforgettable artistic experience.

The most fun dressed in colorful design and become part of the colorfulness of the festival:


Keep some of these amazing festivals in mind for your travel experiences in the future. If you want to experience festivals that showcase art, tribalism and community any of these would be a great choice. 

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