How can color effect the human soul?

June 23, 2017

How can color effect the human soul?

We may often find ourselves drawn to extremely colorful designs or color in nature. One of the biggest problems that many designers have however is that they shy away from bright and colorful designs, impactful patterns and something that really calls out to the happiness in the human soul. At Your Amazing Design however we are not one to shy away from color. In fact, we embrace it in almost every design we create.

The original designs of boots, shoes and accessories that we have to offer are all crafted with impactful and colorful designs. We want to speak to the human spirit and call it to the human soul. These are one-of-a-kind designs that you won't find anywhere else.

Joy Of Life High Top

If you are the type of person that likes the impact of color and the joy that you can bring to others wearing bright and beautiful colors, we have many products that are perfect for you!

Many psychologists have debated the power of color for years and we know that certain colors can affect our mood. Colors can affect the human soul and her personality in different ways and sometimes wearing the right colors can keep us happy and those around us happy every day.

Peace Of Mind Sneakers

Bright colors like orange for example really bring you out of your shell and can help you adapt to change. Colors like green help to balance yourself between others almost as nature does. Red works as a source of energy that attracts and invigorates others. Pink stands as a color of kindness and love. Yellow colors offer a vibration of joy and happiness with mental clarity.

When you think back on some of these colors in the way that they may have affected you, you can start to see a pattern in bright colors and designs. Consider the difference that could be made with getting into brighter colors in your wardrobe and remember that we have many beautiful colors waiting for you at Your Amazing Design today!

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