Our Boots Experience

August 28, 2017 1 Comment

Our Boots Experience

We traveled to Psy fi festival in the Netherlands and we took our boots with us to examine them. The festival took place at a beautiful nature reserve on a river bank. Typical European weather, it was changing back and forth from sunny to cloudy or rainy.

We met nice people, and the overall atmosphere was joyful and the floor was filled with dancing.
We were glad we got the chance to test out our boots in such terrain and see how it felt walking around with them in a festival filled with people. And here is what we discovered:
  • Comfortable for walking: these boots were comfortable for walking. Starting when we left home, walking around the airport and during the flight we enjoyed a comfortable enjoyable walk. They were also comfortable while walking around the festival. Taking them off and put them back on was very convenient as well. 



  • Compliments: people could not stop complimenting our boots ! At the airport, on the plane, during the festival. We were delighted to meet people who like our lively and colorful designs.


  • Comfortable for dancing: we danced and we danced and we danced, well you know, we needed to test out the boots… they were comfortable, convenient and light to dance with, in the rain and in the mud as well as during sunnier days.

  • Resistance: the boots survived the entire festival with no problem. The stitches, the soles and the colors stayed exactly the same.

  • Cleaning the boots: even after an entire week the boots looked great, they were easy to clean and once we did - they were as good as new.


We invite you to share your story with us and tell us which festival you visited this summer. We would love to see your photos and for you to share ours.

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Lynne Dixon
Lynne Dixon

November 06, 2017

So impressed by your prompt, courteous and excellent customer service. The boots fit well, are very pretty and the free Postage is an added bonus! Well done!

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