My one year boots experience. Personal Blog by Ron

June 04, 2018

My one year boots experience. Personal Blog by Ron

As we built our family business, one thing was very important – do not compromise on the quality of the product being offered. Our goal was to make top quality products that had high standards and to reach where we thought we had to be to hit this goal, it took a great deal of time and effort.

We wanted to be able to prove first-hand that the quality of our products was not only high, but that the products were also durable. So, the best way I thought we could do that was to personally test the items ourselves.

I chose a pair of Tiger men’s boots. Not only did they fit well, they were comfortable and I could see that they were strong. I wore this pair almost daily for a complete year. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. The boots exceeded my expectations. I knew our products were good but I had no idea they were this good!


I wore them everywhere, in all conditions and even discovered you don’t have to unlace them to remove them. They were clearly durable enough to survive my excessive wearing so I can honestly tell you that you are not going to wear them out. In fact, you will probably want to wear them more often, doing more things with them on as I did.

I wore them in the city, during trips in desert areas, in farming fields, in mud, on the beach, I even danced with them for hours in a few festivals 😃 , slept with them  (that’s how I found out you can remove them without untying their laces 😌), and played soccer. I walked with them in hot and cold weather and under raining skies. I sawed wood while wearing them, mowed the grass, and washed a lot of dishes 🤣 I worked in a hen house and probably did some other things I don’t remember.

 One important thing I discovered is that when you have them closed properly, they keep water and moisture out keeping your feet warm and dry. 

At the end of the day, I can say with all my heart and with no fear, that we provide our customers with top-quality shoes! They are not supposed to be work-shoes, they are meant for walking and fashion, but it is important to know they are strong as well.

Now I’m about to try a new model. I picked another pair of boots (flame-dragon-men’s-boots) and I’m going on my way again. I will keep you updated in our blog.

I know you will love these boots as much as I do!


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