The Art & The Artist

The jewelry you will see here is handmade by artist Didi Lahav. Didi, mother of five, lives close to nature. In her studio near the river she teaches, creates and dreams.

The jewelry are made in a unique way that Didi has developed Over the years , The inspiration for these principles she Inherited from her mother-in-law, clay artist Stella Lahav. They jewelry are made of clay and gold combined together, this combination give the jewelry a delicate, colorful and unique look. 

After the design stage , the jewel undergoes a process of three special  and exclusive fire treatment in a high temperature: the first fire strengthens the base of the jewelry followed by the jewel painted in ceramic colors. After the second fire, the work is painted in liquid gold colors of 14 karat. The third and last fire mixes the jewel with the colors and the liquid gold.


Each piece of thus jewelry is a piece of art that is made with love and personal attention.