Car seat cleaner that actually works - personal blog

September 05, 2019

Car seat cleaner that actually works - personal blog

How it started

This article was created by chance. It wasn’t planned at first but it came to me suddenly, while working on cleaning my sister’s car’s seat covers (she has an amazing ability to drive a very dirty car for a really long time!), who insists on not using car seat covers although her brother (me) has been selling custom-designed seat covers for a while.

For the record, the reason she isn’t using them is that I’ve never given her any as a gift. I’m planning on giving her that gift very soon…

It’s important to mention that we sell car accessories, not cleaning products, and I have nothing to do with what I’m about to recommend – this comes from my personal experience and I think it will help more people.

An (almost) impossible mission

While cleaning the seat of the car, I thought, “I can’t be the only one struggling to clean his sister’s car seats. Why don’t I share everything I learn to save our customers the long path to solve their car-related issues, specifically those regarding their car’s cleanliness?”

It started as a simple conversation. My sister drives a Hyundai Accent and has two sons aged 6 and 10. She told me sometimes she’s really embarrassed when she has to pick people up because her car seats are very dirty and her steering wheel is crumbling.

It was then I decided I would take the task on myself, even though it clearly looked like a very difficult – if not impossible – mission. I tried to handle it with some standard car seat cleaning product and a rag. It appeared to have no effect on such a grave situation.

There are endless amounts of products to clean your car and your car seats with. I had no idea how to pick the right one without buying all of them. I must say, eventually, I realized I should choose one based on its name and description and, without even trying, it worked.

The product description of the cleaner perfectly fit the task I had: clean the backseat of my sister’s Hyundai (we have a thing in the family with Hyundai…my mom, my dad and even I all have a Hyundai car. It’s a family thing, I guess).

Let’s get down to it.

The product is called Tuff Stuff, and it’s made in the US. I think it can be found in every shop that has car products in the cleaning aisle. It’s best used with a good, comfortably gripped brush so you can scrub those seats well without getting tired too quickly, which can be hard with problematic stains. Keep a rag handy so you can wipe away the residue left behind by scrubbing.

I didn’t think about recommending this, so I didn’t take a “before” picture. I can only show you how it looks like after cleaning.

If you take any sort of pride in how your car looks, you should care about your seats. Especially if you have any sort of designed seat cover or interior accessory, you don’t want a mess to take away from the beauty of your car. For anyone looking to effectively remove dirt from your car seats, I can’t recommend Tuff Stuff enough!


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