How to choose a festival outfit that will be both beautiful and comfortable?

July 01, 2019

Happy colors | Women's high top shoes

This year tickets for most summer festivals have sold out by now. It is the perfect time to begin planning not only your festival budget, the logistics of how you will reach the festival, where you will sleep and what you will eat, but also your ideal party wardrobe! While you should always prioritize convenience and comfort, festivals are known to be a fantastic arena for exhibiting your style and getting yourself snapped by bloggers and fashion mag paparazzi. The ideal tip is to plan specific outfits for every day and take spares along. So you might wish to start putting some money aside every week to fund these if you haven't already begun.

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1. Where is your festival?

Perhaps, your wardrobe is varying depending on where you are going this summer for your party. Do your research on what the local climate is usually like at that time of year. You should also think about what kind of festival it is you are going to and what the general dress code is likely to be. You will want to differently pack if you are going to Spain or Croatia for a dance music festival than if you are going north to Finland or Latvia for a friend music festival. Again consider the weather before packing your bag with wholly inappropriate clothing that will make you either shiver or melt.

Happy Rainbow | Hooded blanket

 Pic for Boom Festival in Portugal- While the day is warm, the mornings and evenings are cool.


2. Women or men?

For ladies, the most versatile outfits are dresses paired with leggings that can be removed weather permitting, and topped off by a loose cardigan that can be buttoned up if it is cold. That should tick all the appropriate boxes. It is also a very portable set of clothing. You can accessorize liberally with useful items like sunglasses and sun hats. Scarves and hodded blankets are also fab as these can act as another layer to wrap up in if you get cold.

Magic Mushroom | Hooded dress

 For males, you can't beat a couple of light chinos and a graphic T-shirt. The trousers may be long, but the fabric will let your skin breathe, and they will keep your legs clean. Printed T-shirts are just an ideal way of expressing your individuality realistically as they are lightweight and look fine if creased.

In terms of color schemes, it is far better to avoid pastels and lights as these are likely to get stained fast. Festivals are not the cleanest of spots with people brushing against each other all the time, beer glasses flying through the air and other horrid factors not worth discussing.

Men's boots

 Pic of 'I'm the tiger' Men's boots- Psy Fi Festive in the Netherlands 
 3. Choose the right shoes! 

 If you’re the type looking for both long dance and rainy weather shoes as features of a pair of shoe, Your Amazing Design can get you covered. Our shoes are designed to fit everybody. They are available in lace-ups or slip and you could choose the ones that you feel most comfortable with. These shoes offer a great deal of comfort and also look very attractive as they articulate the foot allowing the dancer to point and flex, and easily roll over the arch of the foot

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